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Summer Travel/Study in China & Korea

World Civilizations: China – China & Korea Travel / Study Course 

 Course Objectives 

1. To examine the geography, history, religion, and basic cultural elements of China; to analyze the revolutionary changes that have affected the lives of ordinary people in China in the 20th century.
2. To “walk in Chinese shoes,” to gain a critical understanding and appreciation of a Chinese worldview and culture, and to be able to reflect on that worldview in light of one’s own life.

Course Requirements

  • Take part in the three-week Travel Study Trip to China and Korea through the Office of International Programs.
  • Attend three other class meetings prior to the trip, during which we will see slides of China, watch Chinese films, and discuss various aspects of Chinese culture which will prepare you for the trip.  (At least one of these will probably involve a Chinese dinner.)
  • At least three pieces of Writing: A journal (I recommend setting up a blog) that you will keep of your experiences as we travel. a Critical Book Review of an historical novel or biography you will select from a list of readings, and a Reflection Paper based upon what you have read and the journal you will keep throughout your trip.
  • Additional readings prior to travel: various short web-based primary texts available on the China Resource page, my web pages, and as clickable links through the online version of this syllabus
  • Web /email discussion questions will be based on the readings. You will need a valid UA email account and access to MyAkron and Springboard.