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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Questions to consider while reading:

Ovid’s The Art of Love


  1. Who were the “leading lights in the literary culture of Augustan Rome”?
  2. How were wealthy Roman women different from women of classical Athens?
  3. "Fearful that Roman society was becoming too decadent,” what did Augustus do?

The Art of Love

  1. How does he refer to Love at the beginning of the poem?
  2. According to Ovid, how is a successful man expected to behave toward women?
  3. What is Ovid’s view of the nature of women?
  4. What purpose do allusions to Greek and Roman mythology serve? Are they just “window dressing” or do they significantly enhance the ideas set forth concerning love?
  5. What picture of life in Augustan Rome does this poem give you?
  6. Describe some of the specific “arts” or techniques recommended by Ovid. Do you think that some of them are used today?