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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Assignment: Machiavelli Reflection Paper for Humanities 210 Spring 2011

Machiavelli Reflection Paper
This is a short (600+ word / at least 2 pages) paper in which I want you to, taking a close look  at The Prince, compare anything Machiavelli says to any situation in modern American politics, to a specific American politician, or to political or historical events in which America is involved. As you read Machiavelli think about whether his rhetoric sounds like anything you have heard before in the news, in political discussion, from a politician. (I am not opposed to other applications of Machiavelli; for instance you might compare him to a corporate or societal structure. It is best, however to run oher ideas past me first before writing your paper.)
Write your reflection on Machiavelli using at least three examples either quoted or paraphrased from The Prince and give specific details of how you see this relating to the American politics you have chosen.  Use MLA citation guidelines for your sources. Put a parenthetic citation at the end of any paragraph that summarizes or paraphrases a text. Put a parenthetic citation at the end of any direct quote.
Open with a claim about the relevance of Machiavelli to the political issue/person you are exploring. Close by expressing your value judgment about Machiavelli’s views and how they play out in American politics. Do you see any problem with Machiavelli’s perspective? Is he fair/biased? Just/unjust? Do you like/dislike how we have used Machiavellian techniques today?
Your paper should be typed in 12 pt. Times or 10 pt. Ariel font with one inch margins, no cover sheets are needed.  Do put a Works Cited section at the end of your paper (no need for a separate page, just put it 2 lines below your conclusion). Cite anything the you quote which is not considered common knowledge (dictionary and encyclopedia entries are common knowledge as are well touted news events do not need citations unless quoted exactly; the opinion of a specific author or pundit or newspaper columnist must be cited even if summarized or paraphrased). See for help with citations and formatting a paper. Do visit the writing lab for help; it is located in the basement of Bierce Library.
Your paper is due the very last week class. No exceptions.